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неделя, 28 април 2013 г.

Day 28 & The April Quotation Challenge - Lynne's Week

Photo a day
28. My Sunday: To me Sundays seem like a sacred day. Some people go to church, some people rest or make pancakes, others get adventurous. I’d love to see what your Sunday looks like. You can even share more than one photo {a collage perhaps?}
Прекрасен слънчев неделен ден - без паркирани коли на улицата!
Lovely sunny Sunday - no parked cars on the street!

Lucky Snapping in 2013The April Quotation

“ Make rest and refreshment a necessity, not a luxury.”
"Почивката и ободряването са необходимост, а не лукс."

Тук ще има добавена картичка.
Here I will add a card.

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