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събота, 6 април 2013 г.

Day 6 & Lucky Snapping in 2013 The View Challenge: April

Photo a day 

6. Air: This month we’re exploring the elements: air, earth, water and fire. Today share air. Tough, right?


Lucky Snapping in 2013 The Vie Challenge:April

Пролетното почистване започна!
Тези котки са подвижни почистващи четки с естествен косъм!
Те са на служба в Столична община.
Вижте как се придвижват от кола на кола!

Spring cleaning has begun!
These cats are mobile cleaning brushes with natural bristle!
They are serving in the Metropolitan Municipality.
See how they move from car to car!

     Когато за първи път я видях в моята кухня казах :
     - Божеее, спирам ракията - катерички ми се привиждат!..

When I first saw it in my kitchen I said:
- God, I will stop brandy- I already see squirrels! ..

      Днес получих моя подарък от прекрасната Тес от Швеция! Имам вече две картички, направени с материалите, които тя ми изпрати. Те са поздрав за нея!
      Скъпа Тес - Много благодаря! Ти си чудесна!

     Today I received my gift from the lovely Tess from Sweden! I have already two cards made ​​with materials that she sent me. They are greetings to Tess!
     Dear Tess - thanks a lot! You are wonderful!

3 коментара:

  1. I love the cats. How lovely to get a parcel from your friend in Sweden and your cards are so cute.

  2. hi my beautiful friend!! i'm sooo happy your letter from me find the right adress. :D the cards you've made are just lovely!! are thar digi-stamps? i love them!! i wish you a nice week. hugs, tess. <3

    1. Yes, they are -
      Whoopsi Daisy Digi Shop - sheet411
      /They are my reward./
      Thanks to you, my cards have become richer.