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четвъртък, 26 юни 2014 г.

Week 26 - Selfies - III

Lucky 7's in 2014 

I don't follow the daily topics - first, because I forget them (!) and secondly - it is difficult for me.
Yesterday I met on the street one interesting person - a young and very talented singer and actress. I stopped and thought that I could do a great Social selfie,
but I had no courage ... She is so lovely.

Some time ago I was able to stop strangers and ask to take a picture, and now?
Maybe I'm getting old ..

  "Crafty Me"
photography and cooking - these days
/ Tonight I cooked grape leaves stuffed with minced meat and rice./

3 коментара:

  1. I have never had the courage to stop strangers in the street and ask to take their photo, wish I could but I can't. Great shots again. x

  2. Your meal sounds delicious.
    I think I would find it difficult to stop a stranger in the street and ask for a photo as well.