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сряда, 25 юли 2012 г.

Day 207 : Multiples / Кратни

       Скъпи приятели, благодаря ви за вниманието и коментарите. Много се радвам, че сте харесали вчерашната публикация. Аз също видях страхотни неща във вашите блогове - снимки, идеи и проекти. Поздравления отново!
       Dear friends, thank you for your attention and comments. Very glad you liked my post yesterday. I also saw great things - images, ideas and projects in your blogs. Congratulations again!
       Днес Сузи пак ни призовава да търсим математиката около нас. Аз си избрах числата.
       Кратно се нарича цяло число, което се дели на друго число без остатък.
       Today, Susie still calls us to seek the mathematics around us. I chose the numbers.       Called Multiple integer is divisible by another number without a remainder.
 Какво открих? / What I found?
Кратни на 13               Multiples of 13

 Номера на коли - 72 и 80 - кратни на 8 / Number of cars - 72 and 80 - multiples of 8
 30 и 25 - кратни на 5 / 30 and 25 - multiples of 5

И един многократен служител / And a Super-multiple employee -
До тук беше лесно. Но ми се иска нещо по-различно!
Here was easy. But I want something different!
Днес е 25.07.         2+5 е 7, месецът също е 7. Добре , избирам числото 7.
Today it is 07/25.   2 + 5 is 7 months also is 7. Well, pick the number 7.

    Намерете сбора на всички двуцифрени кратни на 7, чиито цифрата сума просто число.     Покажи работа.
/Има 13 двуцифрени кратни на 7. /
    Find the sum of all two-digit multiples of 7 whose digits sum to a prime number. Show work.
/There are 13 two-digit multiples of 7. /

Фонът е специално избран! The background is specially selected!

Като първи такъв проект не е зле, нали?
 As the first such project is not bad,
Тази вечер ще ходя на гости при майка, вечерта ще готвя, а може и да пусна едно тото с ... кратни числа!
  Tonight I'm going to visit my mother; would cook in the evening;
  maybe I can put a lotto with ... multiple numbers!?
Лондон - очакваме началото!
London - We expect the start!

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  1. Borqna.. this is wonderful, you must have a head for numbers.. great blogging x

  2. Well done Borqna. I am learning Objective-C programming and I am using a lot of Integers ! Very interesting post today again. You are really full of resources !
    I hope you will have a nice time with yoru mum.
    In France we can play multiples at lotto but in England it doesn't exists ! xxx

  3. You defiantly have a mathematical and scientific brain. Hope you had a good time with your mother.

  4. Hope you enjoyed your time with your mum, great photos.

  5. i LOVE your blog post and photos today! such a great idea... and what to leave us with a maths problem too :) The multiple super employee is a very cool idea!

  6. Your multiples are brilliant. I'm not strong with numbers so I think you have super logic

  7. Great multiples :) Love the London 2012 games are advertising over there. Will you watch the opening ceremony? xxxx

  8. Oh, that's really interesting :-) Great page project. I have something for you to see on my Blog later. :-D
    THANK YOU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Hooray! I am happy that the mug of Ike arrived healthy and unharmed!
      Stoyan - this is the photo-guy had done ​​2 cups - for Ike and for me. He looked at Ike's blog and said - "She is great! Look, look at this - amazing!"