неделя, 1 юли 2012 г.

Day 183 : Grumpy / Ядосан, кисел


Точно така - кисел и сръдлив - не иска да го снимам! Горещо му е на детето, това е.
Дами, поздравявам ви с изминаването на  "половината път", както Ане каза:
Exactly - sour and grumpy - he does not want to shoot! The weather is hot, this is it!
Ladies, I congratulate you with the passing of "half way", as Anne said:
 "Yeah ! We are half way ! 6 whole months of photos taken. We have done sooo well Ladies, we really can be proud of ourselves !"

8 коментара:

  1. Aw poor thing and well done on making the half way mark.

  2. Great photos Borqna, so happy you joined us ! xx

  3. How great that he reacted perfectly to your camera.

  4. Lovely that you are with us at the half way mark, and love your photo today xxx

  5. We are never happy with the weather!

    Great shot xx