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понеделник, 2 юли 2012 г.

Day 184 : Shadow / Сянка

 Only photos from today!

 Къщите близнаци / Twins houses
Огледален образ или сянка /  A mirror image or shadow
 Къщите са били на двама братя. / The houses were on two brothers.

Интересно що за зелени растения има на този балкон?
Interesting kind of green plants have this balcony?
 Техният вид поражда сянка на съмнение.../ Their type creates a shadow of doubt ...
И други снимат... / And other people take pictures ...

5 коментара:

  1. Like your shadow photos and the other photos are always interesting as they show us a snapshot of your life and country, thank you Borqna

  2. beautiful pictures, plenty of shadows with the sun out.

  3. Wow, lucky you, you had a lot of sun. Great pictures !

  4. Lovely photos again. The shadows are great. Thank you for showing pictures of your country. I find them really interesting.