вторник, 10 юли 2012 г.

Day 192 : Shiny / Лъскаво, блестящо

"Those bright shiny lights
They’re shining so bright

Френски вкус в София / A French taste in Sofia
The window reads - The unforgettable French flavor

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  1. You manage to find so many photos on the word, well done.

  2. I like your shiny photos, especially the lamps.
    That shop !!! Oh my God I am salivating now. French bread and mille-feuilles and croissants. What a wonderful shop ! Did you ever buy something from the shop Borqna ?

  3. Your photo of the shiny sinks and the lamps are great.
    Thank you for showing us more photos of Sophia

  4. great photos, you found lots of shiny things today.