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събота, 7 юли 2012 г.

Day 189 : Past its' prime/ Минали разцвета си!


Една среща днес ме отпрати в района на Народната библиотека и Софийския университет.
A meeting today sent me around the National Library and Sofia University.

     Със сестра ми се запознахме с нашата племенница Моника. Тя подаде документи за кандидатстване в Университета. Стискаме й палци. Освен това, се оказа, че днес Моника има Рожден ден!
      My sister and I met with our niece Monica. Today the's Birthday Monica! She will apply to the University. Wish her success!
/In fact I have seen Monica before many, many years ago when her grandfather - my uncle died. Then she was a little girl./

 Beautiful child - really in its prime!

Направих много снимки.  И така попаднах на това:
I did a lot of pictures. So I found this:

Благодарение на Хелън, аз разбрах точния превод на днешната тема. Грамофонните плочи са минали разцвета си.
Thanks Helen, I knew the exact translated of today topic!
Vinyl passed its prime.

И дами след обяд времето ни разхлади с 10 минутен дъждец!
And ladies in the afternoon we had 10-minute rain and the desired coolness!

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  1. Great pictures, good luck to your neice. Vinyl is making a big come back in the UK so maybe it will have it's time again!

    1. Oh, really?
      We have the song - How will we arrive the time of the Americans?
      / This is a rhetorical question. Never /
      On Saturday, people usually throw things considered junk. The man who threw these plates really thought of them as past its prime.
      Actually no one here uses plates. So I chose this idea.

  2. My dh still loves vinyl- although doesn't have a turntable at the moment!

  3. Sofia looks like such a beautiful city. good luck to Monica.
    i can't believe I am saying that but : Great that you had some rain !!! xx

    1. I did not know exactly how to write it! Thank you, Anne -
      some rain -
      With my son immediately went out for a walk! I told him - no, no umbrellas!

  4. beautiful pictures, good news on the rain too...we had the sun which made a nice change. Good luck to your neice starting university

  5. Looks so past it's prime and also so wonderful :)

  6. Lucky some people keep these things or they would be gone forever .. x

  7. We have all our records in the spare bedroom and don't know what to do with them as we got rid of our music centre with the player during the flood!!

    How lovely to meet your niece after such a long time xxx