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четвъртък, 19 юли 2012 г.

Day 201 : Bit of an odd one today! / Малко странно днес

   Заглавието ми харесва - "Малко странно днес!"
   То е взето от Сузи. А думата днес е -
   След кратки преговори се разбрахме, първо да го извадим от кутията!
   Добре, това с първото винаги е било лесно. 
   -А после какво? - както питаше един музикант...
Точният текст е тук - http://textove.com/text.php?song=631de9dc
адаптирано -
Тя пее:
- Нека се обичаме, без да се събличаме!
Той пеe:
- А после какво?
Тя пее:
- Пак ще се обичаме, без да се събличаме!
А той:
- Да, бе! Аз пък аз да не съм от дърво!

    Да си дойдем на думата!
    Вадим го от кутията и второ:
    Бързо го слагаме в устата! Сиренето!
    Докато пишех това, излезе публикацията на Ане - И тогава  разбрах! Ане, ти отново ни разби!


I like the title - "Bit of an odd one today!"
It was taken by Susie
And now the word - Cheesehttp://suzies365.blogspot.com/2012/07/day-201.html
After short talks we agreed, first to get it out of the box!
Okay, this is with the First has always been easy.
-And then what? -
as a famous musician asked us ...
/Old faces - so-called the band/
adapted text - 
She sings:
Let love be without undress!
And then what?
She sings:
- And still we love, without undressing!
And he:
- Yeah! But I'm not from wood!

Return to our word!
We wi
ll take it out of the box and secondly:
Quickly put it in the mouth! The cheese!

While I was writing this, came the publication of Anne - And then I understood! You broke us again!

      Although I am shocked by what happened yesterday - I say:
Dear friends, come to Bulgaria to see what is cheese!

     Two images from Mandra cheese / manufacturing /. When did they arrest me, I go at night in some cheese dairies ...
     Oh, only the next word is not a bank! 

   Но как се прави сирене - това е държавна тайна!
   But how to make cheese - a state secret!


19.07.1992. - My wedding in one picture

  Happy Anniversary! 

Подаръци. / Gifts.
   Отлично - имам нов фотоапарат! 
   Спомняте ли си, че Ане получи за Рождения  си ден нов фотоапарат! Как само тя се радваше!
   Аз бях много впечатлена. Мъжът ми видял това и решил да ми купи за годишнината!
   Excellent - my new camera!
   Remember that Anne received for her birthday a new camera! How she enjoyed then!
   I was very impressed. My husband saw this and decided to buy a camera for me!
   Последната снимка е направена с новия фотоапарат!
   The last photo was taken with the new camera!

6 коментара:

  1. enjoy your new camera and happy anniversary, hope you had a lovely day. Love the butterflies on the card.

  2. What a beautiful post today Borqna. I love Vladinir with the cheese. He looks like he can't wait to eat it !!! How do you call this cheese? What is it made from ?
    Beautiful wedding photo. Such nice memories !
    I am so glad your husband decided to buy you a photo camera and it takes beautiful pictures too !

  3. Enjoy your lovely new camera. I love your wedding photo.

  4. I also love your wedding photo and congratulations on your new camera. Happy snapping.
    Your photos of the dairy are great.

  5. Hi Borqna!! I'm so happy to hear from you again.
    I love your wedding photo. A big congrats!!
    Me and my husband have been married one year next monday, so it will be our first anniversery.
    Enjoy your lovely new camera. And as always, great photos!!
    I wish you a nice week with love and sunshine.
    Hugs, Tess.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS - lovely photograph.... you are sooooooo pretty :-)
    Fantastic camera too.. I expect we see many pictures from you now :-D xxx