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четвъртък, 7 март 2013 г.

Days 5-6 & Lucky Snapping in 2013:The View

Photo a day
 5. Under: Get down and take a photo of ‘under’. It could be something hiding underneath something, or your perspective from under something.
        Шофьорът на този камион е спукал гума. Въпреки изкривения калник и преживяното той има сили да се усмихва.
          The driver of the truck has a flat tire. However twisted fender and experience he there are forces to smile.
Day 5 : Under

        Това сладко зайче е истинско! То си има за играчка една малка коала. На тази сергия за стари книги човек може да намери и истински съкровища! А продавачът е много приказлив. 
This cute bunny is real! It has a toy a little koala. On this stand of old books one can find a true treasure! A seller is very talkative.

6. Chair: We see handfuls of them everyday, so why not take a photo?Стол
Трикрако столче, правено от баща ми. / Three-legged stool made ​​by my father.
Day 6 : Chair

The View Challenge
 Изглед от  кухнята на майка ми.  / A view from my mother's kitchen.
 Изглед от моята кухня. / A view from my kitchen.

 Walking advertisement for grilled meatball. I bought 10  meatballs for dinner.

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  1. The kitchen window photo is great Borqna, is that buds I can see? They won't be long now!

    Poor truck and well done to him for keeping smiling :)

    That bunny is so cute. xxx

  2. love the rabbit, you have a clever father to make the stool.

  3. Like your photos for FSM and view xx

    Hope the meatballs weren't horse? :):)!!

  4. Боряна, с международным женским днем! Желаю счастья и добра! Любви, удачи и тепла!

  5. Боряна!Поздравления за Празника на пролетта!Пожелавам ви здраве, щастие, любов и изпълнението на мечтите!

  6. Interesting photos , cute little bunny , nice chair your dad made , Hope your meatballs were yummy. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog , I hope you will join the challenge :)

  7. Love your photos. I hope your meatballs were good!

  8. Thanks for the nice comments and visiting my blog and Teddy time :) nice photos and your dad's chair is fantastic :)

  9. The trees are still wintry, winter seems to have returned to us too, it's cold and wet and some snow up north.

  10. hi borqna!! lovely photos!! tonight i will post my photos from this week. thanks for your lovely comments in my blog. it makes me happy. hugs, tess.