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сряда, 20 март 2013 г.

Day 20 & Lucky Snapping in 2013: 5 things

Photo a day 
 20. Clean: What does clean mean to you? The way a person looks? The state of your home? An empty bowl?

Чисти подлези - бих искала всички да бъдат такива. / Clean subways - I would like everyone to be such.
Големи и чисти зелени площи / Large and clean green spaces

Витоша и сняг -  винаги чисти и за всички хора / Vitosha Mountains and snow - always clean and for all the people
Day 20 : Clean
5 things... An Influential person?
      Бих искала в тази държава да има повече умни хора- като този човек. За по-малко от 5 минути той реши това судоку степен трудно. Това е човекът със зеления шал. Човекът който не иска да бъде сниман! 
     Когато започна, аз казах, че това се прави с молив! Той отговори скромно -
"Няма нужда".  Оказа се прав.
      Работа за отличен (6) !
       I would like in this country to have more smart people, like this guy. For less than five minutes he made it difficult sudoku level. This is the guy with the green scarf. The man who does not want to be photographed!
     When he started, I said that this shall be done with a pencil! He answered quietly -
"There is no need." He was right.
      Jobs for Excellent (6) *!
*- the highest score in school 
 N2  - Аз пътувам с интересни хора.
"Човекът е човек тогава, когато е на път!" - Пеньо Пенев

N2 -  I traveled with interesting people.
"A man is
a man when he travels!" - Penev Penyo

В ясно време в далечината се вижда Рила планина./ Rila Mountains can be seen in the distance on clear weather days / the white peaks/.
  Честита пролет! 
  Една колежка има внуче - момче! Поздравления! 
  Happy Spring!
  One of my colleagues has a grandchild - a boy! Greetings!

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  1. The Vitosha mountains are lovely and it's so nice when you show them to us. 5 minutes for a level difficult sudoku with a pen ??? I am happy when I manage a medium one with a pencil and an eraser ! xxx

  2. I cannot even do easy sudoku LOL!!!

    Lovely photos and well done with FSM photos too xxx

  3. I love sudoku but need a lot longer than five minutes!! Great photos as always. x

  4. Yes, he did do well!

    Lovely shot of the mountains and I am ashamed that Anne has done so much research on where you live and I haven't yet! xxx

  5. Beautiful picture of the mountains. I too love sudoku but need more than five minutes!