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събота, 2 март 2013 г.

Day 2 & Lucky Snapping in 2013 February Week 4

Photo a day

2. I made this!: Are you a clever clog? Take a photo of something you made. It could be a mess, dinner, something crafty or anything that you made yourself.
Направих това!

Day 2 :  I made this for my mum!
Image and idea here -  Bettys-creations
Картичката е направена отдавна. Апартаментът на майка ми е една малка галерия с мои картички.
The card was made long ago. My mother's apartment is a small gallery of my cards.

Another blogging challenge to finish the week ...............
Малките неща, които ми доставят удоволствие.
Обичам да подарявам цветя на майка ми.
I like to give flowers to my mother.
Също така много харесвам цветята на нейния балкон. 
Also really like the flowers on her balcony.

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  1. hi dear borqna!! wow!! your photos are amazing!! soooo lovely!! happy to se that you want to celebrate with my in my candy. i wish you good luck. hugs, tess.

  2. Beautiful flowers Borkna. I expect your mum loved them. I would have

  3. beautiful flowers and a lovely card you have made.

  4. Love the car...clever clogs :)
    Lovely photos of small things this week and thank you for taking part in my challenge week,xxx It was hard for all of us but then that is the challenge at times :)