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петък, 15 март 2013 г.

Day 15 &Lucky Snapping in 2013: LAUGH V

Photo a day

15. Explore: Take a walk and explore where you are today.

     Ние имаме кабелна телевизия с 66 програми. Но у нас винаги се гледа само това - мачове и мачове - футбол! 
     We have cable TV with 66 channels. But at home always looks just that - games and games - soccer! 

5 коментара:

  1. Ah Ah poor you, Borqna ! I hope you like soccer at least and it's not just the 2 boys ! xxx

  2. Great photos and I love the Primroses. A gorgeous sign of Spring :-)
    A shame about the football - thankfully my Hubs does not like the football :-D

  3. Just like our TV in this house. Those flowers are lovely.

  4. Hmm we don't have football on but the tv is usually on and I am not a tv fan to be honest, would happily live without it. x

  5. i love your photos borqna!! they are lovely, as always!! hugs, tess.