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Days 11-13 & Lucky Snapping in 2013: LAUGH III

Photo a day
11. Important: Take a photo of something important in your day today.

  14 март - 18,30 часа - беседа " Покаяние и прошка". Място - ателие-книжарница " Къща за птици". / Lecture - Repentance and forgiveness
12. In the distance: What is that thing that you see far away? A bird? A plane? A small child running away? Capture it as best you can.
 В далечината - Витоша планина. / In the distance - Vitosha mountain.
                                                 Lucky Snapping in 2013: LAUGH
      The three fools is a Bulgarian animation to comedy created by Donyo Donev. The series of shortest films has reached great success and each episode is presented with at least one international award.
13. Sound: Sound is a hard one to shoot, can you do it? What’s something you heard today? 
Please see how it sounds the Bulgarian self-irony.

 The three fools and the cow

The three fools - The Clever Village

" Самоиронията е характерна за българина черта.
Глупаците обичат да изглеждат много умни и са много щастливи да те направят тебе на глупак.
Самоиронията е също така и средство да не се самозабравяш. "
"Irony of yourself is typical of the Bulgarian feature.
The fools
like to look very clever 
and they are very happy to make you a fool.
Irony of yourself  is also a means to not forget who you are. "

                                                          / http://silvermountain.mikeramm.com /
"Глупакът е световна сила,                    "The fool's world power
почти навсякъде го има.                             it is everywhere.
И сам глупакът е глупак,                           
And fool alone is a fool 
но друго са си двама, трима!
"                  but it is better to are two, three! "
                                                                                                        Donyo Donev

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  1. Very interesting lecture.
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  2. That quote is so true it's great to laugh with friends.

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