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понеделник, 25 март 2013 г.

Lucky Snapping in 2013 - A Quotation

Нова седмица - седмицата на Лин.
Първо бих искала да се похваля с тази картичка и награда:

New week - the week of Lynne.
First I would like to show this card and reward:

MONDAY, 25 MARCH 2013The winner 
Challenge 109......
........is No 40 Borqna

Второ / secondly
Това е пуловерът на майка ми.
This is my mother's sweater.
to be continue
/ Dear KathiJo, 
I know - I didn't write, but I had a lot of conversations on your topic. We told each other things that we  didn't know about us!/


Lucky Snapping in 2013
The week of Lynne - 

“ Life moves pretty fast.

 If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”.

"Животът се движи доста бързо. Ако не спрем и не се огледаме наоколо от време на време, можем да го пропуснем."
       Ще продължа да мисля по този цитат - сега правя просто едни бележки, че съм видяла темата, правя просто една заявка за участие.
       Това са чекмеджетата от гардероба на Влади. В неделя дойде майстор за да ги ремонтира. 
       - Е - казах му -  аз няма да ти ги подреждам! Подреждай си ги сам! 
I will continue to think in this quote - now I just do some notes that I saw the topic, I do just one application.
These are the drawers of the wardrobe Vlady. On Sunday, Master came to repair them.
- Well - I told him - I will not arrange them! Line up them alone!

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  1. Congrats on the card xxx

    Glad you talked about your 5 things to someone, interesting what you can remember!

    Those drawers look so tidy!!

  2. Yes, well done on the card :)

    Thos drawers do look tidy, mine 'burst' open lol xxx

  3. You did an excellent job in your card layout, Borqna! Did your mom make that gorgeous sweater? Have a blessed Paschal weekend!

  4. Just popping on to say HI and hope you are ok

  5. Beautiful card - I hope you'll link up at 52 Card Pickup this week!


  6. Well done with the card. It's lovely so is your mums sweater.