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вторник, 18 септември 2012 г.

Day 261 : Ground level / Партерно ниво

Задачата на Сузи -                                                               The task of Susie -
"Днес ми покаже нещо на нивото на земята -        "Today, show me something at 
... партерно ниво или  земното ниво"                        ground level "
 Фитнес в парка / Fitness in the Park

 И ако сте уморени - на спирката ви чака диван!
And if you're tired - a sofa waiting for you at the bus stop!
Малко природа   - тази красива шипка. Клоните й са натежали и стигат до земята.
 Shortly nature - this beautiful rose hips. Its boughs are heavy and reach ground level.
 Ето един партер. /  This is a floor  - of the ground level. Ground floor.
И това - And this

  Д о б р е!
 Това, което искам да добавя на едно земно ниво е, че човек  / Жената!/ ходи на работа, за да си почива от домашните грижи и задължения! И така, скъпи приятели, аз след като днес си починах - успях да разгледам блоговете ви и новите ви проекти - снимки, картички...И да оставя коментар дори!
Well -
What I want to add of one ground level is 
That the person / woman! / Go to work, to rest from care and household duties! 
And so, dear friends, after I rested today  /duty free/ - I was able to look at your blogs and your new projects - pictures, cards ... And leave comments even!
 The recipe? - just roasted peppers and a small piece of tomato. 
Important is the technology of preparation! 
The peppers are cleaned of stems and seeds, roasted and peeled.  
The small piece of tomato used for canning! 
The jars should not be filled to the brim - must be allowed air. The air comes out when cooking. 
Between the tomato piece and the cap should be 1 to 1.5 cm. 
The jars are closed with caps. Strong! We should not run from the jar.
The jars are placed in a metal bowl of warm water. The waters level above the caps - about 2 finger - 3 cm. The jars are fixed - they should not jump when cooking! - Between them must be put empty / without caps / jars to fill the metal bowl.It should be boiled 45 minutes! If not - then you make homemade bombs!
Then remove from the fire / heat / stove / and left so until the water gets cold - ie - The next day taken out the jars.Order in the cupboard.
How to use -
Salad with Onion
2. For omelets
3. Coated with breadcrumbs - a favorite

4. As an additive - Sandwich

Bon Appetit! 
/For these 8 jar "Omnia", 800 g. are needed 14-15kg. peppers. We prefer green peppers. If you want you can use red peppers./

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  1. Thanks for the recipe Borqna xxxx might try it though we can get peppers all the year round in our supermarkets.

    Great shots and the snail too!!

  2. great photos, love the park and sofa at the bus stop! :)

  3. That looks so delicious Borqna. Pity you are so far away !
    I like the snail very much.
    I've never ever seen a sofa at a bus stop. I sit part of Ikea advertising ? xxx

  4. Yes you guessed right, Anne. At each stop there were many sofas. For a week or two.
    Thank you for your kind comments!
    And there are fruits and vegetables. In winter are more expensive. These jars are very useful. /Summer in a jar!/
    When I get back from work tired and I wonder what to cook - here! Fast!

  5. Понравились диваны на остановках. У нас бы они долго не простояли;)