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сряда, 12 септември 2012 г.

Day 256 : Arms

    Думата има много значения. Кое да избера? Човек учи думи на чужд език от филмите, които гледа, от песните, които слуша. Аз за първи път чух тази дума тук -
 The word has many meanings. What I to choose? 
 One study words in a foreign language from the movie you watch, from songs that listen. 
 I first heard this word here -

Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits
И така я запомних. /So I learned it.
Brothers In Arms - Dire Straits & Eric Clapton [Wembley -88]
   На почивка на море сме. Запознаваме се с баща и син. Хората -  много мили и разбрани. От провинцията са.  Роднини на нашите хазяи. Децата - на еднаква възраст - много добре си играят.   
   Още първия ден, човекът ми казва:
   - Вика на баща си - БРАТО!
   - Какво? - питам, защото наистина не го чух.
   - Ами - вече притеснен - Вика на баща си - брато!
   - О, ооо - казвам аз отегчено - Моля ти се, остави ги! Да му вика, както иска!
   Но човекът е изненадан още повече от моя отговор. Затова обяснявам:
   - Те непрекъснато играят! Брато, пич, готин, агент Козунак Сватбаров, Блашкович и какво ли не. Не ги ли виждаш?
   - А-ха. Добре.

- He called his father - brother!
- What? - I ask because I really did not hear.
- Well - He is worried - He called his father - brother!
- Oh, oh - I say bored - I beg you, let them! Let him say as he wants!
But the man is more surprised by my answer. So I explain:
- They constantly play! My brother, dude, cool, agent Kozunak Svatbarov*,
Blashkovich and whatnot.
- All right. 
* -  Kozunak Svatbarov - Something like Wedding's cake

 Моята героиня днес е тази млада дама от стрелбището на Луна Парка в Синеморец.
My hero today is this young lady - from shooting gallery to Luna Park in Sinemoretz.
Илкнур /  Ilknur
       Надявам се да е харесала снимките, които направих и изпратих.
       I hope she liked the photos I made and sent to her.
оръжиеweapon, arms, arsenal
обятияarms, embrace
гербarms, escutcheon, blazon, obverse, armorial, emblazonr
род войска     arms

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  1. Beautiful photos Borqna. I used to love Luna Park, we had one in Marseille when I was a kid. I always wanted to have a big elephant or tiger toy but my dad didn't want to have anything to do with weapons and shooting ! Vlad is lucky ! xx

    1. Thank you very much, Anne! Yes, he is really lucky.
      When he was two years, he saw in a Zoo shop dog baby.
      He said - I want it! And then he stuck on the window.
      A dog was pedigree and proven costly! How to explain that this is not a toy. Until last year he wanted a dog and sang - "I want a dog, I want a dog, my mother - not want!"
      I love dogs, but do not want to torment them in a 60 square meters apartment.. The dog wants care and space!
      You really do not have a plush toy, but you have the girls! And they're real!

  2. How amazing in your first photo one of the toys hanging up is the clown I knitted for my niece.

    1. You will not believe - That clown was my favorite! I only watched him while I waited for them.

  3. Greqat journalling and photos, I hate guns of any kind!!!

  4. Great take on the prompt, my boys would enjoy that too :) xx