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четвъртък, 27 декември 2012 г.

Day 362: Special / Специален, извънреден

1. Аз бях специален гост в "Стая N5". / I was a special guest at the "Room N5".

2. Това са специалните подаръци, които днес получих! / These are the special gifts that I received today!
Прекрасна картичка от Мария. / Beautiful card from Mary.

Декорирана рамка за снимка и картичка от Катя./ Decorated picture frame and card from Katya.

Много ви благодаря, дами! Вие сте страхотни! / Thank you very much, ladies! You are awesome!
3. Има само един "Специален", Сузи и това е той - Специалният!
   There is only one "special" Suzie and this is he - The Special!*
  Аз се надявам следващия път да го снимам наистина, а не от екрана на компютъра!
  I hope next time I shoot him indeed and not on the computer screen!
* - Jose Mourinho
    Проблемът е, че той не се вози в автобуса!
    О, така е, човек по-лесно среща Дядо Коледа, отколкото НЕГО - Специалният!

     The problem is that he doesn't use the bus!
     Oh no, one more easily meet Santa Claus than HIM - The Special!
I apologize - I was at work today. There was a complete madhouse. I hope tomorrow to comment on your photos.

4 коментара:

  1. Love your decorated frame, you have very gifted friends.

  2. What a lovely surprise to receive these cards and frame, they are lovely. You are a very special person for your friends to send you such beautiful handcrafted presents ! xxx

  3. lovely gifts and great pictures....I needed richard to explaing the football special :)

  4. What lovely gifts from your friends. Roland recognised your special football manager.