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петък, 7 декември 2012 г.

Days 339-342 : Catch up

Day 339  : couple / двойка                                                              04.12.

Day 340  : corner / ъгъл                                                                 05.12.
Майло или Съжителство по неволя
Mylo *
"Cohabitation in captivity" /Moonlighting/

DSCN1736 DSCN1734DSCN1737

Куче срещу коте / Dog against cat
* - The Mask (1994)

Day 341  : curly / къдрав                                                                 06.12.

Това съм аз - 2006 г. / This is me - 2006
       Отидох на почивка с дълга коса. До нашата квартира имаше фризьорски салон. На следващия ден се  накъдрих! Пълна промяна!
       I went on holiday with a long hair.  There was a hairdresser to our accommodations. The next day I had a new hairstyle! Extreme Makeover!

Day 342  : comfort / комфорт                                                        07.12.
Кажи сбогом на детското креватче! Утре ще докарат новия диван! - 04.12.2007 - 05.12.2007
Say goodbye to the crib! Tomorrow you'll have a new sofa! - 
December 4th.2007 -  December 5th.2007

За мен това е комфорт - истинска зима! / For me, this is comfort - a real winter!

3 коментара:

  1. Such beautiful pictures Borqna. Your cow mugs look great. Your new hair cut is exquisite. And that snow, wow, it's so beautiful !

  2. Love all the photos as usual, but secretly loving the snow ones the most :) lucky you to get the heat and the snow xxx

  3. Love you with short hair
    Wow you have all that snow this Dec already xxx