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понеделник, 31 декември 2012 г.

Day 365+1 Time to say Thank you, Suzie!

        Думата днес е reflect.
        Ако погледна назад във времето, ще видя, че за тези месеци предизвикателството на Сузи е било за мен необходимо  като червило за всяка жена! Нещо, с което жената може да се покаже навън.
         То ми даде увереност, самочувствие, добро настроение - всеки ден! Аз се чувствах харесвана, забавна и ... търсена. Тук, в това предизвикателство научих много. Доволна съм и съм щастлива! Забавлявах се добре. С нетърпение чаках новата тема. Не си давах сметка до днес, какви усилия полага тази дама, за да прави всеки ден задания за нас.
         Благодаря ти, Сузи! Ти си чудесна!

The word today is reflect.
If I look back / reflect/, I see that these months the challenge of Suzie was necessary for me as a lipstick for every woman! Something with the woman may show out.
It gave me confidence, self-esteem, good spirits - every day! I was feeling good and  fun. Here in this challenge, I learned a lot. I am satisfied and I am happy! I enjoyed myself well. Eagerly waiting for the new theme. I didn't realize until today what efforts this lady to do each day tasks for us.
Thank you, Suzie! You are wonderful!

reflect, reason, dissert, ratiocinate, dissertate
reflect, reverberate, effect, throw back, give back, mirror
talk, speak, reflect, converse, parley, harangue
отразявам се
reflect, tell, reverberate, redound, be reflected
обръщам назад
помислям си
think, consider, reflect
прегъвам назад
reflect, replicate


9 коментара:

  1. Love the lipstick analogy, brilliant. It's been fun seeing your, very different, life through your lens.

  2. Dear Borqna! What a pleasure it was to have you join the challenge! I have really loved seeing your photos and reading about life in another country. Thank you for joining in.

    I hope 2013 brings you much happiness and joy xxx

  3. I have really enjoyed your posts this last year. You always seem to look at things in a different (meant as a compliment) way and today is no different. I look forward to next year.

  4. Yes Borqna, definitely looking forward to see you in our next challenge. All the best for 2013, it will happen for you before it will happen for us ! xxx

  5. It has been lovely to meet you through the challenge. I think you are a very special person and I look forward to joining with you next year.
    I love your photos of where you live and perhaps one day we'll get to see it ourselves

  6. Love your blog, hope to see you again on the new challenge blog.

  7. It has been brilliant getting to know you Borqna, I admire your spirit, outlook and bravery at joining in with another language :) Happy new year xxx

  8. What a special person you are Borqna. I am so pleased to have 'meet' you and read such interesting things on your blog this year.

    Happy New Year to you and your family xxxx

  9. Always lovely to read and see your days.. cheers to us all in 2013 xx