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петък, 21 декември 2012 г.

Day 356: Something red / Нещо червено

Този локомотив.  / This locomotive.
Вчера направих още наколко снимки - 
Yesterday I made a few more photos
Планината  / The Mountain
Долината / The Valley
За тази снимка помолих шофьора да спре за минутка и да отвори вратата на автобуса. Това предизвика гнева на някои от пътниците. А тези коне са  една от любимите ми гледки по пътя.
For this picture I asked the driver to stop for a minute and opened the door of the bus. This angered some passengers. And these horses are one of my favorite views along the way.
Една "Активия" на ден! Наистина действа!
An "Activea" daily! It really has an effect!

This "Activea" also has something red - strawberries inside!

6 коментара:

  1. lovely photos, sorry to hear the passengers got upset.

  2. Боре, пожелавам на теб и семейството ти най-прекрасната Коледа!

  3. What lovely photos Borqna. How lovely the driver stopping for you to take your photos. I hope you ignored the angry passengers.

  4. Beautiful photos of the countryside Borqna. The bus driver was very kind to stop.
    We have another thing in common : I have one Activia everyday ( a peach one) ! xx

  5. How brave of you to ask the driver to stop so you could take a photo!!!