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Sofia, Bulgaria; Just a woman in a Man's Man's World... Wife, mother of a 20+year-old boy -a young philosopher. Make cards sometimes and I was a proud DT member of IKEsWORLD CHALLENGES.

сряда, 4 септември 2013 г.

September Views III

Week 1 of each month:
The View Challenge
Hosted by Jen 
" Warm September brings the fruit
sportsmen then begin to shoot... "
                                              Sara Coleridge

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  1. Are you saying it is your birthday? If so, Happy Birthday Borqna! I hope you have a wonderful day. I like the layout of your picture.

  2. Happy Birthday Borqna, flowers, chocolate and cake what more could you want!

  3. Happy Birthday dear Borqna, from Dennis and I. Many happy returns ! xxx

  4. Happy Birthday, Borqna hope you have had a great day.

  5. Боряна!!!!!! Поздравляю с Днем Рождения!!!!!!! Извини, что поздно....Желаю творческого вдохновения, семейного благополучия и много много радости и улыбок!

  6. Happy 45th birthday dear Borqna, wish we had known as we could have sent you cards :( it is my birthday in 2 weeks!! Dare I tell you...I will be 68 LOL!! (Lots Of Laughter) That means I am 23 yrs older than you :( I could be your Mummy!!!!!

    1. Happy birthday, dear Lynnе!
      You're a girl of 34 * 2 years! This is great!
      / You are my perfect idol! HUGS/
      Today we celebrate the Day of Faith, Hope, Love and their mother - Sofia.

  7. Sorry I missed your birthday, hope you had a lovely day. xxx

  8. Many thanks for your good wishes, dear ladies.
    I love to come back here - in this post.