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петък, 27 септември 2013 г.

Run Rudolph, run!

Or every day / is/ new joke
 Шофьорът на камиона каза, че дизайнът на вратата е дело на руснаците.
 Обичам руското чувство за хумор!
The truck driver said that the "design" of the door is made by Russians.
I love the Russian sense of humor!

And a card
 I made this card  for

September 2013 Rudolph Day

/RUDOLPH DAY is on the 25th day of each month/

6 коментара:

  1. Открытка очень классная! Настоящее Рождество! На грузовик - приятно посмотреть:)

    1. Спасибо, Мария!
      Вы знаете, что лента подарок от Tanya Ukhova

  2. Hi there Borqna . . . great pictures and I also love your cute snowman card.

    Thanks for joining in with Rudolph Day.

    Sarn xxx

  3. The door is a hoot!

    You have made a lovely card. The ribbon is so shimmery and pretty.

  4. Love your little snowman card. He looks like he's ready for winter. Very eye pleasing! Nice job.