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четвъртък, 13 юни 2013 г.

Days 10-12 & Let's reflect - June

Photo a day

10. You!: Show us you. Be discreet if you like. Or take a selfie. Or a photo of an old photo. Anything. Just show us

      Едно телефонно обаждане днес преобърна деня ми и ме изпрати скоропостижно при майка ми. Там вече беше сестра ми. За щастие притесненията ни са били напразни - майка ми просто се разхождала навън преди обяд.
     Сутринта сестра ми й позвънила - майка ми се объркала - натиснала някакво копче / по нейните думи/ и пуснала телофона в джоба си. Сестра ми чувала странни звуци - помислила, че майка ми пак не може да говори  / както при втория инсулт / и се панирала!  Когато отново я набрала - мобилният й телефон бил изключен.
     Така и така бях в апартамента на моите родители - реших да направя снимка на този мой портрет от детската градина. Много си се харесвам - леко намръщена, а куклата стисната здраво - като пушка! Борба за играчки!
      Този ден, пълен с емоции, ме изтощи напълно - и ето почивам си - идеално за темата на Анне тази седмица! Ако бях видяла думата, която Анне предложи - RELAX - просто щях да кажа на сестра ми -
" Споко! Изчакай малко - пак ще я търсим! Разхожда се някъде! Може просто да си е забравила телефона. Сигурно за обяд ще се прибере!"
        Обаче ние - ГАЗ към вкъщи! Добре, че има колеги, които да помагат!
        Затова сега си повтарям -  RELAX! RELAX! RELAX!

    One phone call today turned my day and sent me quickly reach to my mother. There was already my sister. Luckily our worries were for nothing - my mom just walked out before lunch /her cell phone was turned off/ ...
    This day full of emotions, I was exhausted - and here take a rest - perfect for the theme of Anne this week! 
    If I saw the word that Anne suggested - RELAX - I was just going to tell my sister - 
 На следващия ден аз попаднах на една мисъл и много се смях - може да я видите тук : 
 The next day I came across a thought and a lot of laughter - you can see it here:


11. Something funny: What makes you laugh? A comic strip in the newspaper? A movie? A person?

    Кажете сега - Нали всички ние като деца пишехме върху потните прозорци?? И беше забавно!!!
Е, в този динамичен и яростен век  - както се казва - аз ДНЕС намерих ЗАБАВНОТО, смешното тук -

Tell me now - it's all we as children write on the windows sweat?? And it was fun!
Well, in this dynamic and furious century - as it says - today I found fun funny here -

и тук: / and here:

This is a song -
Little girl loves old bachelor -
he - do not wants her!
She says -
If you have a son - I will marry him!

12. 11 o’clock: At either 11am or 11pm take a photo of whatever it is you’re doing.


Lucky Snapping in 2013

Let's reflect - June


I found these days RELAX

I did mushrooms with rice and biscuit cake.


Да - моите мъже бяха щастливи!

Yes - my men were happy!

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  1. What a worry with your mum ! If you knew how often my parents do that to me. They forget their cell phone or it is switched off and I am so worried until eventually i can reach them and they say " Oh we just forgot ! " I guess at almost 90, I need to get used to them forgetting things !
    Is it you as little girl on the 1st photo? It's so cute !xxx

  2. I am glad that your mum is OK. Elderly people are harder to look after than kids. Your food looks yummy - I hope you can relax in your kitchen even more often.

  3. Great catch up on your blog Borqna xx Great to see your FSM photos
    I do mine on Facebook only now.

    What a worry about your Mum, glad all was OK!

    I too can relax whilst cooking, forgot that activity!

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog too. Bless you xxxx

  4. Normal cooking I don't find relaxing but if I set time apart for baking, that I love. My Mum doesn't use a cell phone except in emergencies but went through a stage of not putting her landline back on the hook. We almost called the police at one time we were so worried.

  5. Parents can be so worrying as they get older. I am so glad your mum is OK.
    I love seeing your "boys" relaxing and I'm glad you can relax while cooking. Baking does that for me.

  6. I'm glad your Mom is OK. Love the photos and your food looks delicious.