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вторник, 4 юни 2013 г.

Day 4 The View Challenge: June

Photo a day
4. After dark: When the sun goes down, take a photo.
Изглед от моята кухня, скъпа Джен!

View from my kitchen, my dear Jennie!

Помните ли това? / Do you remember that?

2nd Anniversary Birthday Card Contest – So Many Letters!
OMG! I see my card! - 1.09-1.10

Ето моята картичка! Наистина всички / около/ 13 000 картички спечелиха!

Here's my card! Indeed all / about / 13,000 cards won!

Lucky Snapping in 2013
The View Challenge: June

 June brings tulips, lilies, roses,

fills the children's hand with posies.
Юни носи лалета, лилии, рози,
изпълва детските ръце с цветя.
      Слязох по грешка на тази спирка, но тогава се появи това дете с цветята. Вече знаех - ще снимам!
      I got out by mistake at this station, but then came this kid with flowers. I already knew -
 I will take a picture!

 Това ще бъде Българският Лувър / This will be the Bulgarian Louvre

4 коментара:

  1. Oh well done on the posy photo, clever you! They are gorgeous photos as usual Borqna, you really have an eye for a great composition.

    LOL at the one from your kitchen window at dark, I may have to pinch that idea! xxx

  2. beautiful photos. The sunset is really great ! xx

  3. You always post such interesting pictures. I love them! Thank you!