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понеделник, 27 януари 2014 г.

Week 5 - Winter Views I

Lucky 7's in 2014
" So.. I thought we would have a Views Week, but once each season, that will be late January / April / July and October. "

This Season's Views : Winter
Monday: Garden View 
/or Through the Window/

            Предлагам ви една зимна разходка в Борисовата градина в град София.
На преден план езерото Ариана / източено./

I offer you a winter walk in Central Park / Borisova gradina/ in Sofia.
Foreground Ariana lake / an artificial - during winter without water /.

 Входа с барелеф на Борис III Цар на Българите.
On the right - bas relief Boris III Tsar of the Bulgarians.

 Върху част от езерото Ариана през зимата има ледена пързалка. Тази година тя е покрита.On the part of the Ariana lake in winter is ice skating. This year it is covered.
 Алея в парка. / Alley in the park.

 Daily Snappers 2014
Day 27 - Group За моята разходка днес аз избрах следната група:
Зима, греяно вино и сандвич.  
For my walk today I chose this group:
Winter, mulled wine and a sandwich.

8 коментара:

  1. I love your views especially the one with the mulled wine and a lovely looking sandwich.
    We haven't any snow yet but are threatening it to arrive later this week. We shall see

  2. the shot with the lamppost looks like narnia!!!! and lucky you to have snow.. i LOVE the white stuff, guess that comes with being german :)
    And any group that has mulled wine in it is bound to be a good group.

  3. the last one is perfect for a winters day. you have a great eye for taking photos

  4. The perfect Winter views ..We will definitely see the seasons here xx

  5. Beautiful pictures of the snow. Though I have to admit I do not miss that kind of weather. Your sandwich and mulled wine look good. I hope you enjoyed them. :-)

  6. Dearest, my post is now up = schedule mess up! please hop over so you hit all the Ike's World Challenge Posts (for the grand finale prize qualifier!) SAMARA. I love your photos. Along with fantastic art, I didn't know you were a photographer. Man oh man. Did you ever consider using one as your background with an IKE image in the foreground for one of our challenges? Just an idea. Lovies and Hugzzzz Samara, DT Ike's World Challenge xox

  7. So much snow, love the photos especially the fourth. xx