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понеделник, 20 януари 2014 г.

Week 4 - My World in One Word

Lucky 7's in 2014

" Each day post a picture of 'your world' but start Monday with one word description, Tuesday with 2 words description and so on..
and if you can only post once why not use ten words to describe the picture which shows us your world. "   
 Тази седмица имаме за задача да опишем живота си / нашия свят/ с няколко думи.
         Аз си спомних филма "Шменти капели" и това:
        - Ти си само едно ЕГН.

I remembered the movie "Shmenti Capelli" and that:
- You're only one PIN (Personal Identification Number)!
 / or - You'r an identification number./
Here's a link to the movie trailer:

Operation Shmenti Capelli (2011) Trailer (OPERATION TARADIDDLE) 

 Моят свят в една дума / My World in One Word
Баркод / Barcode
Week 3 - A Surprise Inside  / catch up
"Inside" the yard - a tree
and on the tree - a cat!
View from Vlady's room 
 И две снимки от лятото - 
And two pictures from the summer:

Before us is Mount Athos / Greece/
The captain
      Капитанът на кораба бе така любезен да ми позира за снимка.
Както виждате скъпи дами, аз не съм загубила моето чувство за ...
стилни мъже.

The ship's captain was kind enough to pose for my picture.
As you can see dear ladies, I haven't lost my sense ... of elegant men. Smile!

8 коментара:

  1. youve made this week a tough one :) but ill try and live up to the challenge.. love your word!! and yes, a lot of the time nowadays it feels like we are more of a number than a person

  2. I was also trying to think about one word to describe my life....I am sure something will happen today to be 'that word' x

  3. Thank you ladies!
    I will add:
    In 1994 my German boss always said to me -
    -Please call the girl with the numbers!
    /Bitte rufen Sie das Zahlenmädchen!/
    In the beginning he refused categorically to know my name!
    And yet - one day he learn it and memorize! - great success for me.

  4. How rude of your German boss!!

    Thank you for your challenge idea this week xxx

  5. lol @ the german boss.. he must have been east german :D in the west that kind of carry on would have had him lynched ...

    oh and if you want to join in the dailysnappers borqna...
    or on blogger here:http://dailysnappers.blogspot.co.uk
    or on instagram #dailysnappers or add dailysnappers
    or on twitter: @dailysnappers :)

  6. I like your world in one word. Very interesting approach to the prompt.

  7. Wonderful pictures Borqna! You always have so many interesting ones. What floor do you live on? It looks like you are fairly high up.

  8. Thank you very much dear ladies for your kind words!
    I live on the fourth floor as height / third + ground /.
    This cat is like a squirrel. It is a pet, but always ran away from home!