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петък, 17 януари 2014 г.

Week 3 - part 3

Lucky 7's in 2014

Зелеви сарми.
These are the leaves of sauerkraut stuffed with minced meat, rice and vegetables!
Can add bechamel sauce.
'' Nobody makes such XXL leaves stuffed ''- says my colleague. '' Everyone will laugh at you!''
My husband prefers yogurt instead of bechamel sauce.

So go to challenge of KathJo:

Friday : Inside a building                             
This is the building outsite!

 Central Sofia Market Hall

LOOK inside!

Dry cake with ice cream and rum
My diet went to hell!

The second floor:

 Thursday : Inside a cupboard
Твърде много неща! Мъжът ми се заканва да изхвърли всички /вече стари/ видеокасети.
Too much stuff! My husband threatens to throw away all / already old / videotapes.

        Кухненският шкаф е превзет от чашите "Кока-Кола" на Влади и неговите лакомства - вафли, бисквити и кроасани.
        The kitchen cupboard was conquered by the glasses "Coca-Cola" of Vlady and his treats - waffles, candy, biscuits and croissants.
 Wednesday : Inside a machine
And the contents of the washing machine:

My "dryer" -
the central heating/ in the living room!                       The same "view" in Vlady'sroom !

       В "моята машина" има числа и букви - всички данни от етикетите на тези роли хартия.
       Inside "my machine" has numbers and letters - all data from the labels of these roles paper.
These are pictures, specially made for "Inside my machine" with greetings from... DH!

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  1. That market hall looks very fresh and food looks great! Thanks for all your effort in making the pictures fit the prompt!

  2. Beautiful photos and those cakes looked amazing! xx

  3. wow the market hall is beautiful.. and what a surprise to see such a stark contrast of old and new inside!!! i want to come to sofia :)

  4. We have been in similar market places when abroad! but not in Bulgaria, only sking then!!

    Great photos for inside this week xx

  5. All of your pictures are great Borqna! The market is absolutely beautiful and the food looks delicious.

  6. Боряна! Много благодаря за подаръци! Днес получих в пощата си парцел. Всички неща са много красиви и интересни. БЛАГОДАРЯ ВИ! Аз съм много дълго време и дъщеря гледа подаръци, ние сме много благодарни.

  7. Great photo shots Borqna :) what does the machine in the bottom photo do ?