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петък, 24 януари 2014 г.

Week 4 - My World in Five Words

Lucky 7's in 2014 
/ OR My world in five pictures /

"Please forgive me (Bulgaria), I cann't stop loving you!"
This nation has gone bonkers.
/Ей, полуде тая нация, бре!/       Quote from the movie "Shmenti Capelli".
Here's a link to the movie trailer:

Operation Shmenti Capelli (2011) Trailer (OPERATION TARADIDDLE) 

Illegal TIR stop - the goal of our door! Ugly new landfill site.

Lucky girl! These fasteners are not stolen!

I'll go - said the trash - No more burn!

What sang the Beatles?
 "Everything is love!"
We're almost in the Kingdom!

This evening I made Biscuit Cake


Daily Snappers 2014

Day 24 - Your Family
Summer in Greece


7 коментара:

  1. I think all our worlds have become a little crazy.. certainly a far cry from what most people want x

  2. I too like to see the family and you all look lovely xxx
    Some great photos for today's My World!!

  3. I love how you even manage to show us the "not so pretty" places in a very appealing way.. and yup, i think many countries have gone bonkers lately. :) love your holiday photo, i miss the summer.

  4. Interesting photos as usual Borqna. I think the US is right there with the rest of the countries!

  5. The biscuit cake looks delicious and the rest of our post is a real insight into your bonkers world ;-)