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петък, 10 май 2013 г.

Days 6-9 May photo a day & The View Challenge: May

Photo a day 
6. Broken: Is there something broken around you? Shoot and share it.
За съжаление стават и такива неща! / Unfortunately, sometimes those things are becoming!
Моята Кармен / my Karmen
7. Something beginning with F: Find something beginning with the letter F and take a photo.
... fingers, flowers .. Fa, fun & ... First edition!

8. Shape: Shapes are all around us. Which will you choose for today’s prompt?

Какво ще кажете за тази форма - една от любимите ни!
How about this shape - it is one of our favorites! 
9. A snack: Healthy, or not-so-healthy, share a snack with us.

    Лека закуска - ябълки, валички с крем и малко шоколад. Моят мъж винаги яде десерта в 22 часа.
    Snack - apple, waffles with cream and a little chocolate. My husband always eat dessert in 10 p.m.

Lucky Snapping in 2013

The View Challenge: May

 May brings flocks of pretty lambs,

skipping by their fleecy dams.
Поляната с шипковия храст - през месец май е прекрасна!
In May "My" meadow with dog roses is wonderful!

The View Challenge: Additional Prompt #2

The View Challenge: Additional Prompt #1

Изглед от кухнята на майка ми.
View from the kitchen of my mother.
Подаръкът за Нина. / The gift for Nina.

6 коментара:

  1. Oh wow Borqna, your view has really changed too and we all love it when it is warmer and greener. Love your husband's dessert plate too. Yummy :) xxx

  2. Beautiful photos Borqna, delicious dessert.
    Nina is lucky to have you as a friend !

  3. That shape looks like a Bells whisky bottle .Am I right?

    Is there still snow on those mountains you can see from your mums window?

  4. You have been busy with your photographs, I see that spring is coming!