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понеделник, 20 май 2013 г.

Day 20 & Nostalgia Challenge.. Party On!

Photo a day
20. Light: Light makes a photo beautiful, so how can you play with it in your photo. Could you find a little sunflare, play with light inside or something else. Lets make magic!

Lucky Snapping in 2013
Nostalgia Challenge.. Party On!
     Нова година. 2003. Ние сме на гости на моите родители. Тук играем на влак.  Беше много весело.
    Не си спомням нищо друго, освен това, че цяла вечер ние играхме с децата, а после спахме като къпани! И за първи път си легнахме рано.
     Какво парти, нали?
     New Year. 2003. We are guests of my parents. Here we play a train. It was very fun.
     I don't remember nothing except that whole night we played with the kids and then we slept like bathing! For the first time we went to bed early. 
     What a party, right?

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Моста на въздишките в Борисовата градина / The Bridge of Sighs in Central Park

4 коментара:

  1. Very nice part photos Borqna. The bridge of sighs ! Wow, that's so beautiful ! It looks very romantic and has beautiful weeping willow like in our park.xx

  2. Sorry to have been missing from your blog but had no time whilst we were away, but now I am back :)

    Loved seeing a party photo with your parents and kids xx

    Beautiful photos as always

    Cogratulations on winning a prize from Vicky xxx

  3. That is a great party photo and I love the beautiful photos, the sun flare is gorgeous :) x

  4. Sometimes kids just make a party right.. sorry to have missed you befre, we have had a busy month.. I am back now! xx