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петък, 31 май 2013 г.

Day 31 & Rudolph Day - May

31. Four things: Choose four things and take a photo. They can be anything.

Let's be 4 +1 Card

 A card from Sarn and new purchases

          Това исках да направя още в началото на месец МАЙ. Тези неща стояха кротко така подредени цял месец. Наистина имах много работа и много ангажименти.  Трябваше да направя тази картичка в знак на благодарност за Сарн.

    What I wanted to do at the beginning of May. These things stood quietly arranged for a month. I really had a lot of work and a lot of tasks. I had to make this card as a thank you for Sarn and her great challenge!

Size : 25sm./20sm.

Rudolph Day - May 2013

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