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неделя, 12 май 2013 г.

Days 10-12 May photo a day & The View Challenge: May

Photo a day

10. Stars: Whether in the sky or elsewhere, find some stars and take a photo.

11. A smile: A smile can change the world. I hope you find many to choose from today.

12. Mother: It’s Mother’s Day. Take a photo of a mother figure, or if you’re a mum – perhaps yourself. Or what the word mother means to you.

    "Това са само двама от трима!" - така казва моята съседка.
     На снимката тя е с момчетата-близнаци. Каката - момиченцето, чието колело виждате - беше много бърза и не успях да я снимам.
    "These are just two out of three!" - So says my neighbor.
     In the picture she has twin boys. Their sister, whose bike you see -  was very fast and I could not shoot
Lucky Snapping in 2013
The View Challenge: May

May brings flocks of pretty lambs,
skipping by their fleecy dams.


Central Park Sofia
 Sofia Central Park is a unique opportunity to enjoy life in the heart of the city.

old photos you can see here:

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