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вторник, 6 ноември 2012 г.

Day 311: Dotty

 Решетка на машина / Grating Machine

Филия хляб, намазана с лютеница и бяло сирене. Изпъстрена с точки, още - шантава, но любима закуска!
Toast bread with lutenitza and white cheese. Dotty, but favorite breakfast

cracked, loopy, daffy, wacky, crack-brained, dotty

изпъстрен с точки

goofy, crackpot, dotty, screwy, addle-brained, scatty

stupid, foolish, silly, fool, unintelligent, dotty

funny, ridiculous, comical, laughable, ludicrous, dotty

на точки
speckled, spotted, dotty, pinto, mottled, punctate
    Ето друга шантава работа! Ходих до Солун, но на връщане си купих българско червено вино  - домашно правено - от района на Кресна! А и комбинацията  - вино, таратор  и домати  - също изглежда смишна.
    Here's another crazy / dotty/ work! I went to Thessaloniki -  but the back I bought Bulgarian red wine - home made! ​​- from the region of Kresna! And the combination - wine, tarator and tomatoes - also seems funny - dotty
The wine is superb!

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  1. Well done with both types of dotty photos!! Thank you for your email addie too xxx

  2. Beautiful pictures, Borqna. They made me hungry ! xxx

  3. I had to google lutenitza, it sounds really good. My mouth is watering just thinking of it with bread and cheese.

  4. Love your photos of different type of dotty.

    It would be lovely to come over there and meet you, perhaps we can arrange it soon.
    If you could join http://www.ukscrappers.co.uk/ I could send you my email addresss through that

  5. I have just found your email address on Lynnes blog so I have copied it and I will send you mine.