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сряда, 7 юни 2017 г.

5 in 5 - June 2017

1. Choose a location. 
2. Have your camera ready.
3. Set a timer for 5 minutes (I use my mobile phone).
4. Take as many photos you can until the time is up.
5. Choose 5 photos to download and share by using the link tool below.
5 in 5 - June

Walk in the Boris' Garden  -
it's the oldest and best known park in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. 
Its construction and arrangement began in 1884 and it is named after Bulgarian Tsar Boris III.

Lake Ariana

Hristo Botev (6 January 1848 – 1 June 1876),
a Bulgarian poet and national revolutionary.
Botev is widely considered by Bulgarians to be a symbolic historical figure and real national hero.
On June 2nt we pay tribute to the great poet-revolutionary Hristo Botev.  
This year we celebrate 141 years since the death of Botev and his detachment.

At the bottom of the photo is the monument of Vasil Levski-
a Bulgarian revolutionary and is a national hero of Bulgaria:

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  1. My Dear Borqna, it's been too long since I visited, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, it prompted me to come here and I have loved seeing your beautiful country through your eyes. Thank you for the stories too. Have a good week.