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четвъртък, 29 юни 2017 г.

June in pictures - 27 / 28

 It's hot weather really, but if the asphalt melts, it's because it's bad, so bad.
Горещо време, но ако асфалтът се стопи, това е така, защото е некачествен.

 Panorama from a lovely apartment in a beautiful quarter of Sofia. 
You can see all Sofia in your hand.
The golden domes of the Cathedral Al. Nevsky glow and can be seen from here
/ next to the tall building - Hotel Moscow. / 
The Old TV Tower is also visible.
Панорама от един прекрасен апартамент, в един красив квартал на София.

 Vitosha mountain
 Free parking
 The business park is a 5-minute subway ride away.
 Two schools and 3 children's gardens are nearby.
 Wonderful Park

 This is how the block looks.
                      / Two bedrooms + 2 bathrooms + 1 living room + kitchen box + dining room + 3 balconies./
      В 18,25 - т.е. 6 мин. по късно аз се качих в мотрисата на метрото / Метростанция Ал.Теодоров Балан/ и след 20 мин. бях на Орлов мост / в центъра/.
At 18.25 - i.e. 6 minutes later I got into the subway train
/ Metro station Al.Teodorov Balan /
And after 20 minutes I was on the Eagle Bridge (in the center!).
 After trying to deceive me -
I 'm no longer selling my part of this property!
And dear sister, 
I will get used to the thought 
that I do not have your company anymore!

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  1. Beautiful photos to show us where you live, and the consequences of the heat, we could do with some more heat, please send some to us in Wales LOL.