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понеделник, 15 юли 2013 г.

Passion - a card & days 5 th and 15 th

 Photo a day
Day 5. Love: Take a photo that shows love.
Моето първо  заглавие беше - Любов..
Но аз го промених.
Това е страст.
Жената избира мъжа, който след това ще избере нея!
My first title was - Love  
But I changed.
This is passion
. and...
The woman chooses the man who will then choose her!

I wanted everything to be natural - beast and nature .. rough and raw.
Size 25sm. /25sm.
 "Beauty and Beast" 
MY SHOP....is OPEN  :-)
Challenges 4 Everybody - Always Anything Goes

Eclectic Ellapu -  Flowers

Ако си представиш
Изпълнител: Валди Тотев
Ако си представиш, утрешния ден                         If you imagine  tomorrow
срещата ни вечер и нощта със мен.                       our meeting tonight and night with me.
Ако си представяш вечер, топлината в теб          If you fancy evening and the warmth of you
твоята любов навярно, би стопила... лед.             your love probably would have melted ... ice.

Ако си представиш, моята любов                           If you imagine my love-
пясъчен часовник, цял един живот.                        it is an hourglass for a whole lifetime.
Ако си представяш вечер, студ и самота              If you're cold and lonely night

ако още помниш нещо, моля те... ела.                   if you remember anything else, please ...                                                                                                                                              come.

10 дни аз работя върху този проект.
10 days I am working on this project.

Моля, вижте също проекта на Серена - изумителен! / 
Please also see design of Serena - amazing!
Day 15. Outside the window: Look through the window and take a photo of what you see.

Имам много снимки - навън, през прозореца. Ето защо направих тези " През вратата" и " през обектива". 
I have many photos - out the window. That is why I made these "Through the door" and "Through the lens". /Both female characters are Blondie!/

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  1. What a beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing with us Eclectics and hope to see you in future challenges.
    Elaine aka Ellapu

  2. Oh WoW, Borqna - what a fantastic creation. I love all the pieces in the background and the image looks perfect. Brilliant creation. Thank you for taking so much time and trouble to use one of my images. It's AMAZING. :-)

    Great photos too - glad to see a little kitty in there :-)

    Many Hugz
    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Fro me too : What a beautiful project Borqna, that's fabulous.
    I listened to the song and it was very moving, thank you for putting the translation, it was even better. Piano is my favorite instrument.
    Glad you could share my adventure with Dennis away. I saw him again today, yeah !!! Take care, xxx

  4. great take on beauty and the beast :) what a great project :)

  5. Wonderful project - I hope you'll link up at 52 Card Pickup again this week!


  6. You really captured the feeling of passion with the protruding irregular shapes coming out from behind your Beauty and the Beast image. The strong colors, patterns and textures emphasized the feeling too. Blessings, my friend!

  7. Боряна! Молодец:) Как всегда оригинально и креативно!!!!! Хочется рассматривать детали и крупный план....