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четвъртък, 30 октомври 2014 г.

Week 43 : Time out - part III /catch up

 Lucky 7's in 2014
Friday ... Play
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Oops? This is a mistake!

"The moment I wake up
Before I put on my makeup
I say a little pray for you
While combing my hair now,
And wondering what dress to wear now,
I say a little prayer for you" 

                                                                Song - Aretha Franklin

 Saturday ... Family stuff

On Saturday we went to the cemetery - marked one year without Mom. It was very cold.
Despite the cold, the priest sang outdoors in front of the wall with the polls.
Sunday ... 
Preparation -
All vegetables have been washed well and cut into small pieces.
Lunch - pork with cabbage
Pumpkin pie and banitsa.
Another pumpkin cake + chocolate.

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