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вторник, 22 април 2014 г.

Week 17: Spring Views and Easter basket N2

Lucky 7's in 2014
Monday Garden View 
Една разходка в Борисовата градина. / A walk in Borisova gradina / Central Park/.

Through the "Window"
Така изглежда в момента дворът на кооперацията, където живея. Е, поне тоалетната чиния под надписа "Love" липсва. Кипи усилен ремонт.
So it seems now the yard of the cooperative where I live. Well, at least toilet bowl under the inscription "Love" is missing. Intensive repair.
Easter basket N2
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    За украса на "гърба" на кошничката използвах великденска салфетка и "конфетите "от изрязването с пънча.
To decorate the "back" of the Easter basket I used a napkin and "confetti" from cropping.

4 коментара:

  1. I love these clever Easter baskets that you made, with the beautiful borders and detailing. I also enjoyed looking at the pictures of the delicious Easter meal that you had in your last post. Blessings, my friend!

  2. Lovely views in the park with the blossom and some trees just opening their leaves.
    I would fill the toilet bowl with soil and plant flowers in it if it was in my garden.
    It looks like there is some work being done in your yard.
    I love your Easter basket, it is very pretty

  3. Hi Borqna! I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend! We had a great time here in Sweden, beautiful weather with lots of sunshine. The kids and I went to a farm not far from our home, where they could ride on horses and cuddle with rabbit-babies, they even got to look for Easter candy, tjey thought that was fun! Beautiful spring pictures you have taken, I like them very much! Take care of you friend and thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Hugs, Tess.

  4. Lovely creations you made! Good luck and thanks for joining us with All Crafts Challenge :-))
    Hugs, Andreja