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неделя, 20 април 2014 г.

Week 16: Easter week - part VII

Lucky 7's in 2014
Христос Воскресе.
Воистину Воскресе.
Прекрасно време. Традиционна закуска - яйца и козунак.
Wonderful weather. Traditional breakfast - eggs and Easter bread.

Традиционно за този ден е борбата с яйца.
Traditionally this day is the fight with the eggs.

Обедната трапеза. Великденска салата - зелена салата с яйца.
Lunch table. Easter salad - green salad and eggs.


An Easter basket

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Idea :
Osterkörbchen / Easter Basket
Order of the Opus Gluei Challenge #181 - Eggs

4 коментара:

  1. I am really interested in your Easter traditions.
    Have all the rabbits in your basket been eaten now?
    Your lunch table makes me feel hungry, it looks so good.

    1. Many thanks, dear Viv!
      Two real Easter eggs,
      2 chocolate rabbit and five chocolate eggs / made ​​in Italy - Smile /
      The basket is a gift for my mother in law and my sister in law.
      Tradition is on this day to eat lamb meat, but my husband doesn't like such meat. As can be seen in the photo - my plate is missing.
      The holiday is in the heart.

  2. I love the bright colours of your eggs, and your basket is just too sweet! Thanks for playing along with us at Opus Gluei and for sharing your talent with us!

  3. This is a wonderful basket with Elizabeths rabbit, and what wonderful food, Thanks for sharing your lovely photos too.