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петък, 18 април 2014 г.

Week 16: Easter week - part V

Lucky 7's in 2014 

"...Show us your Easter holiday images for this week...

have a lovely time if you are on holiday, if your children are at home.. 
or if you are just getting down to some chores for the long weekend."

     Ние двете с Боби пием кафе. Моята добра приятелка от магазина за дрехи е вече заслужила баба. Честито!
     We both with Bobby drink coffee. My good friend from the clothing store is now 
Deserving grandmother. Congratulations!
Our "selfie "*
*-"selfie" -" В превод от английски означава снимка, която някой си е направил сам със смартфон или уебкамера и я е разпространил на интернет сайт на социална мрежа". standartnews.com
Rainy day. Vitosha Blvd. At the end is the Church Sveta Nedelya

I love bicycles. Great picture!
The feeling of the upcoming holiday everywhere.

The Greek shop.

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  1. Borqna, once again lovely photos.
    Can I see you peeking in the corner in the photo of your friend. I love the photo of the bicycles and the beautiful egg with the Madonna and child