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понеделник, 17 февруари 2014 г.

Week 8: Windows

Lucky 7's in 2014
Monday ... my favourite view  through  a window
Темата е "Прозорци".
Витоша през прозореца на кухнята и балкона на хола от апартамента на моите родители.
Vitosha Mountain through the kitchen window / and balcony of the living room / of the my parent's apartment .
Два дни преди мама да получи инсулт
  This is October 16th - Vitosha mountain was very beautiful.
On 18th my mom got stroke. Can not forget.

и града  / and the city

"...just 'show me some windows', a different type each day." 
Е, аз нямам търпение: / Well, I can not wait:

Take note of padlock on the fence too.

  Запомнете последните 2 снимки. Аз се надявам скоро тук да има ремонт.
Note the last two photos. I hope soon to have repairs here.

5 коментара:

  1. Well done Borqna. .great pictures.. I saw the note about your mum...was that when the picture was taken..?

  2. Thank you dear ladies.
    Sorry for my bad English, KathiJo, I corrected my note.
    I will always think of this October - how and why.
    Unnecessary surgery - October 8th,
    October 18th - a stroke and fatal October 27th - death.
    /This photo I publish for the first time./

    1. Ahh Borqna I thought that maybe was what you meant.. glad I came back to see. I used to wonder how people could recall so many dates but when your own family passes then the dates are etched in your mind forever.. xxx

  3. i think i might have to visit you love all your photos