четвъртък, 6 февруари 2014 г.

Week 6: MEDIA

Lucky 7's in 2014 - Week 6 : Media 

It is wonderful that we have access to much information. 
After this dance, I watched many others -
http://youtu.be/Zl_o3eiNG28 - great mood!

 2) Memorable sculpture or art - in our neighborhood

/ He lived in this neighborhood./
         Паметник на Светослав Лучников - в градинката пред Райфайзенбанк на ул. „Цар Иван Асен ІІ” с пресечката на ул. „Гогол”.
         Лучников е министър на правосъдието и вицепремиер в правителстовто на Филип Димитров (1991-1992), народен представител от СДС в 37-то, 38-то и 39-то Народно събрание.
         Monument Svetoslav Louchnikov -
 in the garden in front of Raiffeisenbank "Tsar Ivan Asen II" and corner of Street "Gogol".
          Louchnikov was Minister of Justice and Deputy Prime Minister in the government of Philip Dimitrov (1991-1992), MP from Union of Democratic Forces in the 37th, 38th and 39th National Assembly.

3) Newspapers and magazines

Week 5: catch up
 Feet first.. show us your feet / shoes in this season's setting!
Lovely  husband's socks
My fast-walking in winter

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  1. Great catch up, Borquna.
    Your sculpture is really interesting.
    I really enjoyed the video it made me laugh. Didn't like the swearing at the beginning though.

  2. I like to bronze statues.. and your husbands winter feet! xx