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вторник, 10 декември 2013 г.

Go for it OR & memory

Let's reflect Challenge - December 

 " December is all about sharing. For some of us, December might be a bit more difficult, because of the loss of loved ones, but the biggest wish of these loved ones surely would be to be remembered but at the same time see us happy, so we should honor them by enjoying this beautiful time.

Our word for this week starts with a G, but it is in fact a group of words :

Go for it

May be you can take some pictures if you already started decorating your house, or bought a couple of presents, may be you just want to blog about what Christmas means to you, may be Christmas is specially a big deal for you this year, may be you will be celebrating Christmas on a different day in your country, whatever your situation, tell us your plans and share your excitement.

I wish you all to have the most fabulous time for Christmas and all you wish for 2014. I hope we find a way to still keep in touch next year." Anne


"Nativity also Christmas or Christmas Bozic is one of the biggest religious holidays in Christian country. It Christians celebrate the birth of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. According to the Gospel of Luke that happened in the town of Bethlehem, Judea Province.

Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on par with the solemn Easter.

In Bulgaria, Christmas is an official holiday again a decision of the 9th National Assembly of March 28, 1990." - wikipedia

коледна украса от макарони
Christmas decorations of macaroni
And various shenanigans
Christmas decorations in the office, in my room - arranged by me! N1

Christmas decorations in the office, in my room - arranged by me! N2

Home 2007


A few Bulgarian Songs for Christmas
  "Christmas!  Christmas! 
  Christmas today is not a dream!
   Christmas!  Christmas!
  Holy Christmas!..

There is hope in our souls."

Two children's songs 

Emil Dimitrov - Love Christmas
"Merry Christmas and lots of love! "

4 коментара:

  1. Beautiful decorations and songs, Borqna. I also love the nails decorations, I am going to try and do mine like this !!!!

  2. Lovely pictures! The Christmas trees on the nails is interesting. I have never seen that before.

  3. Your office decor is very cheerful, and the trees on your finger nails very clever. Christmas and Easter (Resurrections Sunday) are my two favorite holidays too. May you and your family be blessed with peace, love and joy this Christmas, my dear friend!