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петък, 1 ноември 2013 г.

Bonus week from Viv

" Когато остарея ще нося лилави дрехи,
червена шапка, която няма да ми подхожда.
Ще харча пенсията си за коняк и луксозни свещи,
и няма да имам пари за масло...
Когато остарея.''

        Това е бонус седмицата на "Lucky Snapping in 2013", в която гост-домакин е Вив.
Тя ни пита, какво искаме да правим в бъдеще.
Аз искам да мога да ...остарея.
I want to be able to ... grow old.
 Моята приятелка Боби е винаги готова за снимки. Тя е днешната "лилава дама".
My good friend Bobby is always ready for pictures. She is today's "Purple lady".
 Despite my invitation hanging on the door - This year the children didn't come for Halloween.
October Quote Challenge
      На 27-ми октомври 2013г. майка ми почина.
      На некролога пише:
      " Безсилни бяхме да те запазим до нас, но силни сме да запазим обичта и спомените, които ни остави."
      Благодаря на всички, които ми писаха тези дни и се интересуваха защо отсъствам в блог-пространството.
      Майка ми си отиде от нашия свят с радост и усмивка. Тя видя светлината и с желание, и нетърпение премина оттатък. Нищо не можеше да я спре! Татко много я обичаше и тези три години, които те бяха разделени, са били тежки и за двамата. Сега са заедно и може би се смеят.
      Затова включвам тези снимки в предизвикателството на Лин за усмивката, която избухва в смях.
On 27 October 2013 my mother died.
Of the obituary wrote "We were powerless to keep you up to us, but we are strong enough to keep the love and memories you gave us."
Thanks to everyone who wrote to me these days and are interested why I be away in the blog space.
My mother is gone from our world with joy and smile. She saw the light and and willingly and eagerly she went the other side.  Nothing could stop her! Dad loved her. Those years that they were separated, they were heavy for both. Now they are together and maybe laugh.

So I include these photos in the challenge Lynn - 
“A laugh is a smile that bursts.” 
Mary H Waldrip

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your mum. I know you said she really missed your dad so she must be happy to be with him again. But my heart goes out to you, Borqna as you must miss them both now. Lots of hugs and kisses xxx

  2. Thank you for your purple lady, she is lovely.
    We didn't get anyone knocking on our door for Halloween either

  3. And I forgot to mention your photo with the purple clothes, the brandy and the candle. It is brilliant

  4. Thank you very much, dear Viv for the kind words!
    Your challenge / the topic / this week is very interesting and exciting!

  5. I am so sorry Borqna. Al our love to you and your family, xxx

  6. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your mother. I know how hard it is as I still miss mine and she has been gone for eight years now. Just remember she is at peace now and among her loved ones who were waiting for her. I love the pictures of the purple clothes and your lady friend model. Purple is my favorite color so I can never get enough of it. Take care Borqna. xxxx

  7. Borqna I have just read your blogs to discover you have just lost your dear Mum Many {{{{{Hugs}}}}}} to you and to your family. I lost mine very early in my life at 35yrs , 3 years after my Father and I am so pleased to have lovely memories of them both. They were both so young but at any age the lose of parents is sad. I hope you are coping and time will be a healer for you.
    You are wonderful to continue with this challenge. Take care and remember there is a lot of loving thoughts and care coming from UK and UKS xxx

  8. Borqna- I have just read your very sad news on Anne's blog. Sending some cybe hugs for you.

  9. Borqna, I also read your news on Anne's blog, I have not been good at keeping up the past few months! I am so sorry, the days will seem long but eventually the lovely memories and spring will bring a lighter feeling so you can smile (even laugh) with your lovely family about those special days.. love Kathi x