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четвъртък, 1 август 2013 г.

July Week 5 Daily Peeking IV

Първо един реверанс към седмицата на Кати за храненето - 
First a nod  /a  reverence / to KathiJo's week -
Геврек! Снимка от миналото и от днес - 
Да! Едва днес срещнах продавачът на тези вкусни гевреци!
Bagel! Picture of the past and today -
Yes! Barely today I met the seller of these delicious bagels!
Left photo - I hold a boiled bagel in the park
Nostalgic breakfast - milk and bagel
Lucky Snapping in 2013
'a photo a day'

'free choice'

Show us what is happening in your day..
Thursday - mishmash day

Ябълките/ Apples

 И след като купих сладоледите, реших  - Ще се подстригвам!
And then I bought the ice cream, I decided - I'll haircut!

12 коментара:

  1. Love the photos when you were small.
    Well done on the hair cut. You look great ! x

  2. lovely haircut and hope you enjoyed the ice cream, they looked lovely

  3. Love your haircut you look lovely, love seeing photos of you xxx

  4. Haircuts are always good :) I desperately need one!.

    Love the photo of the apples. xxx

  5. You were a lovely little girl. It looks like you had a good day today. I love the ones where you are having your hair cut.

  6. Great photos as usual. Love the haircut! I hope your ice cream was good!

  7. Lovely photos and new hair style suits you, looking good. x

  8. Great to follow your bagel eating and your day! x

  9. Great to follow your bagel eating and your day! x

  10. hi my dear friend! thank you for all the lovely comments you left in my blog, i love to reed them, makes me happy!! :) your photor are just amazing and super lovely, as always! and what a nice haircut, look perfect! wish you a great weekend. hugs, tess.