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неделя, 11 май 2014 г.

Week 19..Food, glorious food! - 11.05.

Lucky 7's in 2014 
       Събота беше работен ден и аз нямах много време. Затова купих две готови - опечени на грил пилета. Нямам снимки.
        Едва в неделя вечерта започнах да приготвям ядене за понеделник - леща по Елзаски / с червено вино и бекон/, за десерт - бисквитена торта.

Saturday was a working day for us here in Bulgaria.
I didn't have much time and bought two finished - cooked grilled chicken. I don't have pictures.
Only on Sunday evening I started to prepare food for the Monday -
the Alsatian lens /with red wine and bacon / and for dessert - biscuit cake.

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