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четвъртък, 3 октомври 2013 г.


The View Challenge: October 

Lucky Snapping in 2013

Шипковият храст;
Кварталът с есенната украса на магазинчетата и кафетата;
Училището на сина ми - родителска среща!
Изглед от кухнята на майка ми;
Старият квартал - блокът-кръстословица от филма "Приятели за вечеря";
Спомени от училищните дни, когато нямаше китайска храна и банани в магазините целогодишно!

View of meadow with dog roses;
The neighborhood with autumn decoration of shops and cafes;
My son's school - parent-teacher conference!
View from the kitchen of my mother;
The old neighborhood - apartment building - crossword puzzle from the movie "Friends for Dinner";
Memories of school days, when there was no Chinese food and bananas in stores year round!
The Park.


8 коментара:

  1. Beautiful pictures Borqna, it looks like the weather is turning to autumn too where you are ! Have a nice week-end. xx

  2. Lovely views again, Borqna. They are so interesting.

  3. A beautiful change in the seasons in your stunning photos, thank you. xxx

  4. Borqna, wonderful pictures as usual. You take such interesting shots. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Definitely looks like autumn is arriving with you. xx

  6. I love all your different views! And your son looks very happy, so i bet his teacher/parent evening went well :) I still want to visit sofia one day and by the looks, autumn would also be a beautiful time to do so! Thank you for sharing your views!

  7. YOu can see the browns and yellows coming into the trees in your view. Nice to see all the different places you have been.

  8. Autumn has definitely arrived in your country. Beautiful photos!