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вторник, 28 февруари 2017 г.

February at pictures / Февруари в снимки

Iskar River
 Lake Pancharevo is an artificial lake in western Bulgaria, at the end of the Pancharevo Gorge of the Iskar River, located at 600 m above sea level between the Vitosha and Lozenska mountains. It is 3 km long and up to 700 m wide, reaching a depth of 30 m, and is situated 12 km southeast of the capital city of Sofia, where the Vitoshka Bistritsa flows into the Iskar. The villages of Pancharevo and Kokalyane and the Pancharevo mineral springs lies on the lake's western shore, while at the southern end of the lake there is a hydroelectric power station. Sports centres and catering establishments have been constructed around the lake, making it a favoured outing location for the residents of Sofia. Further upstream in the gorge there are two additional artificial lakes: the Pasarel Reservoir and the Iskar Reservoir.

Lake Pancharevo

Vitosha mountain in the background

Part of the lake is still frozen

On the next day I saw swans


A flower shop in Sofia/ Един цветарски магазин в София 

And then I met Bear and Wolf: / А после срещнах Мечока и Вълка:

They are the favorite characters of children's cartoons

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  1. Such amazing pictures Borqna. The lake areas look so beautiful. I would very much like to see that.
    Lovely flower shop and how nice to meet the furry characters :-D xxx