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понеделник, 12 януари 2015 г.

Week 36

52 Photos Project

{Nature's Gifts}

 52 Photos Project
         За 36-та седмица прекрасната Белла ни предизвиква с темата за подаръците на природата.
И тъй като тази сутрин осъмнахме в бяло - избрах да снимам снега.
Къде ми е шейната?

For 36 weeks lovely Bella challenges us with the gifts of nature.
And since this morning we ended up in white - I chose to photograph the snow.
SNOW !!!
Where is my sled?

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  1. Borqna these snow scenes are stunning. Its something we dont see often here in South Africa. Thank you so much for voting for me over at Scrapping4Fun. Its truly appreciated xxx
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. I love those snowy winter scene shots. We don't get snow very often in Del Rio, since we're so far South. Stay warm and blessings to you, friend!